Reigns of Oppression

We feel it is our duty to highlight to your goodself the changes that will seriously undermine the efficient operation of the unit's Orderly Room in future.

In recent months, there has been a significant drop in the morale of all clerks. This is due to mismanagement by our superior, namely CPT Xxxxxxx Xxx. His insistence on impossible standards and his repeated failure to understand the difficulties faced by us in the course of our work have caused us to feel very discouraged and frustrated.

To add insult to injury, the communication channel between us is paved with obstacles (a result of his adamant refusal to listen to feedback), and our working relationship was, literally, being taken to task.

Since then, we have been taxed to exhaustion, and worked under constant fear of imminent disasters. Yet, in spite of our effort to cope with the relentless demands from our superior, no amount of appreciation was granted. Neither was any sympathy expressed for our dilemma.

It is therefore our opinion that if this situation persists, further discontent would arouse amongst us, and our performance will ultimately be affected.

We thus seek an amicable solution to our critical circumstances by writing this letter to your good self, in the hope that a third party’s intervention would be able to resolve this conflict and salvage our already strained working relationship.

Your obedient soldiers



DA: wah, so got increment or not?
RL: got :)
RL: and ang pow oso :)
RL: i velly happie! :p
DA: so got free dinner or not?
RL: sure got lah!
RL: after my op ok?
RL: :)
DA: so now very senile associate, rite?
RL: hahaha! yah! :p
DA: next step up is extremely senile associate
RL: hee! :p
DA: anyway, congrats
DA: please don't send out a press release on that
RL: thanks! :D



WL: Have you seen the iPod family product - the iDog?
SY: Yeah, I saw this selling here (at Astro in SM, for those in the know), but it's kind of expensive for something that doesn't fetch the newspaper or write stories beginning with "It was a dark and stormy night..."
SY: iPass.


August 8, 2008

SY: I heard you are getting married?
LA: Yup. I married my boyfriend of five and half years last August 8, 2008 (888), not to coincide with the Beijing Olympics nor with the Chinese lucky number, but to have it easily remembered by my new husband, ergo the removal of one source of couple's usual arguments 10 years from now.
SY: Good thing you're not in China, or there'll be 1.3 billion people remembering what would otherwise be a special occasion on behalf of your significant other.


Check, spacing

JR: howareyoualldoing?Everythingokay?How'stheoffice?Nothingoutofplace?Howareallourfriends?SENDMEEVERYDETAIL.
SY: Oh man... he's only been there a few days and he's lost the ability to string together an appropriately spaced sentence. Whathappened? Theyyankedthespacebaroutofyourkeyboard?
JR: My spacebar's working fine, thanks very much. If you must know, I was trying to simulate how an over-eager and homesick person would talk (through e-mail).
JR: Just got back to the office after an unsuccessful attempt to open a bank account.
DM: were they suspicious so they turned you down?
SY: if you'd talked the way you typed, i wouldn't be surprised your attempt had been unsuccessful.


Resistant to change

RC: How are things going for you there?
SY: I'm ok. Things must be pretty gloomy on your side?
RC: very... = (
RC: tough way to start the year...
SY: it could be worse, if the team there doesn't start to value-add.
SY: you probably notice some people do not realize the severity of the problem and remain resistant to change.
RC: indeed.. to the detriment of people below them



MV: I would just like you to know that June 8 will be my last day. I have decided to move on and evolve. =)
LT: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
SY: All our hopes now lie with two little hobbits, somewhere in the wilderness.
MV: And this is one of the things I will miss - the guessing games we play.
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